Nordavind establishes partnership with SteelSeries

11 September 2020


SteelSeries is one of the most common brand partners of esports organisations, and the leading gaming accessories brand has added Nordavind to an ever-expanding list of partners.

SteelSeries, based in Denmark, has esports organisations around the world, but does particularly well in Nordic countries. Now it has added Nordavind, quickly becoming one of the top organisations in the region with multiple championships over the last few years.

Nordavind SteelSeries
Screenshot via: Nordavind

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Tony Trubridge, Global Head of Esports at SteelSeries, said in the release: “As a Danish company, SteelSeries has always been proud to support Scandinavian esports teams achieve greatness across the globe, and we’re excited to continue that tradition with our partnership with Nordavind. From Hearthstone to Counter-Strike and League of Legends, Nordavind continues to build and excel in a variety of esports, and we’re excited to support their journey in attaining gaming glory.”

SteelSeries has been prominent in the industry since 2001, with the company now having at least 22 organisations signed on as partners – including FaZe Clan, OG Esports, and Barrage.

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Steffen Willumsen, Commercial Director of Nordavind, commented: “Hailing from the Nordics as an endemic esports team, there is a natural affinity towards a frontrunner in esports such as SteelSeries in our organization. Many people in the organization, and a lot of the players, grew up with SteelSeries and have come to cherish and love the quality and Scandinavian simplicity of their products. Needless to say, we are extremely excited about this partnership.”

Esports Insider says: As esports has grown, non-endemic brands have wanted to get involved. While having brands like JBL enter esports is great, there’s a reason SteelSeries has been so successful in this space for so long. Plus, when a brand goes further than just headphones, it gives growing esports organisations a one-stop-shop to make sure all their players are outfitted. The non-endemics just can’t offer that.

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