Sundance DiGiovanni on Vindex’s Belong Gaming Arenas acquisition | ESI Focus #6

07 September 2020


Up next in keeping with the current focus on esports facilities, Sundance DiGiovanni, Chief Strategy Officer at Vindex, joins Adam Fitch on the sixth episode of ESI Focus.

Sundance is best known for co-founding MLG, and he reunited with his co-founder Mike Sepso to launch “infrastructure platform” Vindex in October 2019. By July 2020, it became clear what this description truly meant when the company acquired Belong Gaming Arenas from GAME.

With plenty of locations scattered around the United Kingdom already, Vindex has lofty ambitions for its new business unit: it’s looking to invest $300 million (£231 million) over the next five years to open 500 venues across the United States and a further 1,000 globally.

On ESI Focus #6, Sundance and Fitch discuss the reason Vindex has so much faith in Belong Gaming Arenas, choosing the right locations, creating the next generation of esports fans, and the possibility of Belong Gaming Stadiums in the future, among many more relevant topics.

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In the first episode of the facility focus, Fitch was joined by Complexity Gaming’s CEO Jason Lake to discuss the GameStop Performance Center in Frisco, Texas.

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