Astralis Group and Userneeds enter strategic partnership

06 November 2020


Danish esports organisation Astralis Group and online market research firm Userneeds have entered a strategic partnership designed to create insights into Astralis’ work with fans, sponsors and partners.

Userneeds will assist as an analysis partner, with consulting assistance in relation to insight, interpretation and strategic validation of the results.

Credit: Astralis Group

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The partnership between the two gives Astralis Group an even deeper insight into what drives fan loyalty, and how the brand and various teams are perceived among fans not just in Denmark, but internationally.

Nikolaj Voulfsbach, Head of Analysis at Userneeds commented: “It is interesting to collaborate with such a strong brand, whose strategic aim is deeply rooted in insights, and as a brand understands the importance of insight in their strategic approach to the Astralis brand and their partner brands, but in particular the ever-growing fan base.”

The goal is also to increase the value of Astralis Group’s commercial partners and strengthen the partners’ positioning in the market and among the sector’s ever-growing fan base.

The partnership is based on Astralis Group’s strategic work and Userneeds’ U insights concept and approach.

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Data is collected primarily through Astralis’ own fan database, but in cases where it is relevant for the joint collaboration, Userneeds delivers data from its own panels in the Nordics.

The agreement follows on from Astralis Group’s partnership with sponsorship and analytics firm Cavea for an undisclosed term last month, as the organisation continues to expand its commercial portfolio.

Jakob Lund Kristensen, co-founder and CCO of Astralis Group added: “Our livelihood is primarily based on our global fan-base and our constant interactions with them across many different platforms.

It is essential for our ability to make strategic and commercial choices that our insights are as strong and structured as possible, and to achieve this the collaboration with Userneeds is perfect.

Esports Insider Says: Astralis Group have continued to strengthen its commercial partners recently, first with the addition of Cavea, and now Userneeds. The organisation is clearly focused on making the correct strategic and commercial choices, and hopefully, Astralis’ worldwide brand and fan-base continues to expand.