Warwick Esports names HyperX as first commercial partner

05 November 2020


Warwick Esports, the esports society for the University of Warwick, has signed HyperX as its first commercial partnership.

HyperX will supply gaming peripherals as prizes for Warwick Esports’ events, and its logo will be featured on the school’s esports jerseys as well as on social media.

Warwick Esports
Image Credit: Warwick Esports

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According to the press release, the partnership will allow Warwick Esports to continue signing members without a sign-up or admission fee. Also, the HyperX prizes will add an additional competitive motivator during esports tournaments.

Daniel Zeng, Warwick Esports President, commented on the society’s first commercial partnership in a release: “It’s really great that we have secured a partnership with HyperX – this will definitely be beneficial for both of us. We will be able to provide a better experience for our members, and we can work together with HyperX to improve the university esports scene in the UK.”

Warwick Esports fields hundreds of esports players each year and are back-to-back UK Esports University of the Year winners.

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HyperX is continually adding new partners to its esports portfolio, ranging from teams to entire leagues. Recent collegiate sponsorships include Collegiate StarLeague and the University of New Haven.

Esports Insider says: HyperX certainly knows how to diversify its user base, and esports in educational systems is exploding in popularity. Keeping access to esports free for members is a great way to make sure that participation continues, and having the HyperX logo on jerseys will only enhance the brand.

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