Relog Media announces flagship teams for 2021 tournaments 

12 January 2021


Ahead of Relog Media’s SnowSweetSnow CS:GO event, the tournament organiser has announced its ‘flagship teams’ which will compete in the firm’s competitions throughout 2021.

In total 35 organisations have signed contracts for the Home Sweet Home Tournament Series, with each team set to compete in at least six tournaments organised by the esports tournament operator and production company. Moreover, these teams will compete in a minimum of three contracted events in the first half of 2021.

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Some of the high profile names featured in the flagship team initiative include Swedish esports organisation NiP and Russian team Gambit, alongside the likes of North, sAw, Forze, and Sprout.

According to the tournament organiser, Relog’s flagship team initiative will help teams — of various stature — financially by guaranteeing them a place in certain competitions, with a staggered Prize Pool implemented.

SnowSweetSnow Cup 1 is scheduled to commence on 18th January with a multitude of flagship teams included in the competition. Relog Media has also confirmed that it has increased its total prize pool to $100,000 for each cup, including next week’s event.

The cup has a total of four stages — regional GSL, regional swiss, main swiss & playoffs — featuring representatives from both Europe and CIS. Of the flagship teams, Astralis Talent, Lilmix, SJ Gaming, KOVA and NiP Youngsters will compete in the two Scandinavian groups.

Also included in the competition, via Relog’s flagship team agreement, are Winstrike, SG Pro, and Hellraisers, who will participate in one of the two CIS groups. Finally, Izako Boars, 
X-kom AGO, SKADE, Sangal, FATE and OFFSET will participate in the competition via the group stages.

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Following the regional group stage and swiss format, the remaining teams will enter into the Main Swiss Stage alongside eight ‘higher tier organisations’, four of which are flagship teams. These include Sprout, Endpoint, forZe and PACT.

Relog Media has confirmed that four additional teams will be invited to participate in SnowSweetSnow’s Playoff Stage. 

As previously reported, SnowSweetSnow will reward its competitors at every stage of the tournament, meaning organisations at the GSL stage will still be provided with some financial benefits.

Flagship teams will also collaborate with Relog on a range of content throughout 2021. Moreover, the tournament organiser emphasised that it will work with its partners, including TheEsportsBible, to improve its scheduled events and broadcasts this year.

Other teams included in Relog’s flagship teams partnership include Sinners, LDLC OL, CPH Flames, Apeks, HAVU, Galaxy Racer, Nemiga, K23, and Anonymo.

Esports Insider says: Relog Media’s flagship teams initiative looks to provide some financial security for organisations in Europe who may struggle with the ongoing effects of the pandemic. By securing all these teams, the tournament organiser not only will offer stability to some organisations, but it also helps Relog secure competitors throughout 2021.

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