VIDEO: Sidney Fohrman & Toa Dunn on law, music and esports converging | ESI Focus

Music has been synonymous with culture since the very beginning. As esports and gaming have emerged as a cultural medium in its own right, novel ways of interacting with music have risen as well.

But what are some of the legal difficulties associated with music in this new medium and what should be taken into consideration for projects, of all size, incorporating music?

On this week’s episode, Toa Dunn, Head of Riot Games Music — Riot’s newly launched music brand — and Sidney Fohrman, Partner at Sheppard Mullin, discuss aspects of how Riot Games Music was launched, incorporating music in the space and what aspects are involved in making sure everything is handled correctly in the cross-over industries. 

This is the second episode in ESI Focus’s series on Law in Esports, presented by Sheppard Mullin, hosted by Esports Insider’s Head of Multimedia Content, Kerry Waananen.

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