VIDEO: Jordan Hamburger & Patrick Mahoney on law & investment in esports | ESI Focus

As with any developing industry, as the market matures more investors enter the space after seeing the trial and errors of first movers in the space. As a result, investments, mergers & acquisition headlines in the industry have become common place as esports continues to find its footing and continues to disrupt traditional markets.

As esports companies start-up or other companies pivot into the space, a financial boost is often needed to bring products and services to the global scale. What are some of the nuances between venture capital, crowdfunding, and stock market listings options for those seeking opportunities to give or receive?

On this week’s episode, Patrick Mahoney, Co-Founder of We Are Nations, and Jordan Hamburger, Partner at Sheppard Mullin, discuss the current state of investments in esports, how the current attitudes around investments in the industry came about, what investors should understand about ROI in esports and much more.

This is the fourth and final episode in ESI Focus’s series on Law in Esports, presented by Sheppard Mullin, hosted by Esports Insider’s Head of Multimedia Content, Kerry Waananen.

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