Danone Nations Cup joins forces with Nicecactus

27 September 2021


The Danone Nations Cup, an international children’s football tournament, has announced a partnership with gaming tournament and training platform Nicecactus.

As a result, the two parties will join forces to host a Rocket League tournament available to players in five continents.

Image credit: Nicecactus, Danone Nations Cup

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The tournament is part of the Danone Nations Club, an online experience that combines physical exercise for on-pitch activities and training programmes for esports competitions. Nicecactus will operate eight regional tournaments in Europe, North Africa, South Africa, Asia, and South America.

Vincent Scius, Project Director for the Danone Nations Cup, spoke on the deal in a release: “We are delighted to work with Nicecactus on this global project. Nicecactus has the experience and expertise to implement global video game tournaments, but perhaps more importantly, they share the same vision regarding positive messaging to the young generation.

“Combining sports, with esports, and addressing health, nutrition and wellbeing is a key factor for us in this partnership.”

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Nicecactus has continued to expand its operations over the course of 2021. The platform recently partnered with AJE Group to host a number of tournaments across South America and in July, it teamed up with internet provider ZEOP to launch the first gaming platform in Réunion Island.
Mike Hessabi, Co-founder and President of Nicecactus, added: “Since Football is the DNA of the Danone Nations Cup, we are offering Rocket League as the game of choice. It’s a great game combining driving with scoring skills.
“Young players  can practise their football skills on the pitch, then compete online in Rocket league tournaments supported by ambassadors like world champions Fairy Peak as well as leading game influencers.”
Esports Insider says: With the real-world Nations Cup postponed for 2021 due to the pandemic, it’s great to see esports featuring in another virtual initiative for children across the globe.