Xisde partners with ApolloEX to launch fan token

23 September 2021


Brazilian esports organisation Xisde has announced a partnership with blockchain company ApolloEX to launch a fan token.

According to the release, the Xisde token will provide fans with access to premium content, exclusive products and other rewards.

Image credit: Xisde

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The token will be launched to the general public on October 18th. From that date forward, fans will have access to the exclusive marketplace to acquire the assets, as well as see all the benefits offered.  

Xisde Co-founder, Luiz Fontes, commented: “We made history! We are, officially, the first esports organization in Brazil to innovate and launch its own Fan Token for all our fans. This system is already used by large organisations around the world, such as NAVI and Team Vitality, in the universe of games, and at Corinthians, Barcelona, PSG and Milan, in football, and we were inspired by this to create our own.”

Prior to its public launch, the organisation held a private sale for its investors. Xisde has claimed that the organisation has sold 1m tokens, selling all of its available stock in one hour.

Xisde Co-founder, Tom Toledo, added:  “This is just our first step into the world of crypto actives, I’ve been getting very familiar with this market in recent months and it’s a wave that’s here to stay. With the ‘Xisde Fan Token’, our audience will have access to various benefits such as exclusive products, discounts, exclusive cameras during games and recordings, rewards and much more.”

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Anderson Souza, CEO and Founder of ApolloEX, commented: “In a general view, the fan token is seen as an evolution of fan partner cards. Today, through technology Blockchain, we’ve managed to connect people around the world with their idols, improving their experience and bringing fans closer to what they love so much.

“Currently, big football clubs and even F1 teams are issuing their tokens, but it’s time for the market of esports to show your strength and connect your fans even more”.

Esports Insider says: Despite being relatively young, Xisde is an organisation that is already becoming a big deal in Brazil. Due to its variety of influencers, the organisation is becoming a huge hit, not just with the fans, but with brands. Cryptocurrency is slowly becoming a solid market in Brazil, with football clubs like Cruzeiro having its own currency. As such, it is natural to see an esports organisation joining the market. 

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