FlyQuest commits to sustainable merchandise, unveils Midori Hoodie

North American esports organisation FlyQuest has announced that, to mark National Recycling Day, it is shifting towards manufacturing environmentally conscious and eco-friendly apparel.

As a result, all future FlyQuest merchandise will be made from 25 percent or more recycled and sustainable materials, starting today.

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Additionally, the organisation plans to start actively phasing out non-eco-friendly merchandise by the end of this year. 

To deliver on its promise, the organisation introduced the Midori Hoodie, a merchandise item made of 60 percent recycled cotton and 40 percent post-consumer polyester, modelled after the organisation’s mascot named Midori. 

Tricia Sugita, CEO of FlyQuest, spoke on the announcement: “One of the proudest things I have ever been a part of is launching our Go Green initiative in 2020 to showcase greatness. It represents our commitment to life, growth, and the environment and it’s been our north star for every Quest we’ve launched. 

“We take these steps not only to protect our planet, but also to allow ourselves to be inspired by its beauty and grace. Our commitment grows stronger today with our shift to recyclable and sustainable materials and serves as a reminder that it’s always possible to make a permanent change for the better.” 

According to the release, this commitment is an extension of FlyQuest’s efforts for sustainability within its merchandise line. The organisation’s existing Eco Collection merchandise line includes jerseys from 25 percent recycled material and the recently revealed Fall Beanie from 100 percent sustainable material.

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The Midori Hoodie will be available in FlyQuest’s online store with an extra 15-percent off discount Eco Collection at the time of purchase.

Through the initiative, FlyQuest aims to encourage its community to help make an impact for National Recycling Day by seeking out sustainability information on clothing purchases, repairing damaged clothing, donating old clothing and buying secondhand clothing.

Esports Insider says: After FlyQuests’s rebranding earlier this year, the organisation introduced multiple environmental campaigns such as TreeQuest, SeaQuest, WorldQuest and BeeQuest. This clothing initiative seems to be fully aligned with the organisation’s new identity and vision, as well as its commitment to ‘go green’. FlyQuest’s admirable efforts could ultimately inspire more esports orgs to follow suit.

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