PUBG unveils 2022 European esports roadmap

28 January 2022


PUBG Corporation, the company behind the battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds, has announced details surrounding its upcoming EMEA PUBG esports events. 

PUBG’s 2022 European esports roadmap will feature two G-Loot events, two editions of the PCS and the PUBG Nations Cup. Teams will collect points throughout the year, with the best competitors advancing to the PUBG Global Championship in November and December of 2022. 

Image credit: PUBG Corporation

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Aside from the Global Championship, the highlight event for European players is the PUBG Continental Series, or PCS for short.

The multi-regional championship will include teams from Europe, the Americas, Asia, and APAC. To ensure the best possible playing field, PUBG Corporation announced three sets of open qualifiers that will feed into regional playoffs and the PCS finals.

There will be two editions of the PCS in 2022, one set to take place in April and the other in September. PUBG Corporation explained, that further details about the events will be announced in due time.

All of the big events set to take place in 2022 will provide points for the PUBG Global Championship. This includes PCS6, PCS7 and both G-Loot events in 2022.

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The PUBG Corporation also announced its continued support to third-party PUBG tournaments that will take place in 2022.

The company explained in a release: “In addition to two major competitions awarding PGC Points, third-party events will again contribute directly to the PGC qualification journey by offering Wildcards for PCS6 and PCS7. By placing in the top ranks at select tournaments, teams can book direct slots into their respective Regional Playoffs. “

Esports Insider says: The PUBG esports ecosystem in Europe will continue to grow in 2022. With a solid number of tournaments that provide points for the season’s finale in November, players from the EMEA region once again have the opportunity to work their way towards the global finals at the PGC. 

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