StreamSpell: How creativity is changing lives

Can graphic design improve the quality of a creator’s content? That’s the question that inspired Daniel Mayhe to create StreamSpell in 2017.

StreamSpell is an international design agency for streamers and content creators. Over the past four years, the company has been working to deliver high-quality creative work to streamers around the world. This can range from stream overlays to logos, illustration and animation. 

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Last year, the agency’s growth was highlighted at the Esports Awards with StreamSpell among the finalists for Creative Team of the Year.  This saw the company go head-to-head against titans of the industry such as 100 Thieves, G2 Esports and WePlay. 

According to StreamSpell, the mission to connect different cultures with broadcast design is paramount. By providing design services for platforms such as Twitch, Youtube and Facebook the firm makes sure to earn its space and help content creators find their singularity.

The Journey to Connect

The company started from the dream of a streamer. Daniel Mayhe discovered how graphic design and greater attention to visual identity could dramatically improve the quality of the content he produced. He noticed how design has a positive impact on society as a whole. 

In particular, Mayhe noticed that speaking different languages with visual communication made people feel included, connected and confident. 

Working alone for almost three years was tough, however, drawing inspiration from esports creative industry personnel such as helped him overcome many challenges. Learning how to create stream overlays from scratch opened doors to animation and illustration. This was a turning point for StreamSpell, which reflected an increased volume of custom design requests. 

Mayhe highlighted that one day, he had 26 projects in his queue. This was the day he realized that this mission couldn’t continue as a solo project. As a result, Mayhe searched for experts in different fields, such as graphic and motion graphics, illustration and more. Luckily, the first seven members to join the organisation would later become ingrained into StreamSpell’s DNA. 

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Whilst design was always a priority, it was soon realised that establishing a strong connection would be its ultimate asset. Following on from Mayhe’s first appointments, StreamSpell has quickly grown to hire over 30  artists, coders and managers. This is also thanks to the company’s impressive developing portfolio of over 100,000 clients worldwide. 

The Mission Behind the Dream

StreamSpell keeps its mission very clear and loud: to change lives by creating together. The company has emphasised that it wants to make sure creators feel connected not only with their brands but also with their inner personas.  StreamSpell believes that if a creator is connected with their own brand, that’s when the first spark of success will shine.

In order to achieve this, the agency looks to take pride in its mission to connect different cultures throughout design, thanks to its creative and self-driven employees. StreamSpell highlighted that it prioritized building a team of self-starters that enjoy finding solutions to challenges.

Additionally, StreamSpell equated being creatively curious as a reason why the company has this ‘innovation-focused’ mentality. According to the agency, StreamSpell’s team truly believe that it’s possible to connect people around the world with design. As such the firm is constantly doing that, and has no intention of stopping any time soon. 

The Future

As a finalist for the “Creative Team of the Year” category at the Esports Awards 2021, and Mayhe joining the award show’s Creative Panel, things have continued to expand for the design agency.

Despite the year just commencing, plans for 2022 are already in motion. This includes new products, art and animations being added weekly to StreamSpell’s catalogue. 

As esports continues to open up more revenue opportunities, image is everything. As such,  companies such as StreamSpell look to provide content creators, esports personalities and players with ways to enhance their brands. In 2022, this will still continue to be an integral factor when securing greater commercial and fan engagement opportunities.

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