NCOVR named as latest ESIC member

Esports tournament organiser NCOVR has become the latest member of the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC).

As a result, NCOVR becomes the first French tournament organiser to join the commission.

Image credit: ESIC, NCOVER

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NCOVR joins the likes of ESL, BLAST and WePlay Esports on a long list of partners supporting fair play and integrity across the industry. As a member, the organiser will implement ESIC’s integrity codes and standards across its future operations.

Renaud Dol, Head of Esports and New Business at NCOVR / DVRT13, spoke on the news: “We are proud to join ESIC as an active member. ESIC and NCOVR share the same vision of making esports a better and sustainable place and promoting and establishing new standards for an ethic, fair and equal industry.

“By joining ESIC, we are committed to protect esports in the interests of youth, and commercial viability. We share the same values which are the fight against corruption in all its forms in the esport world. We will apply all the necessary measures, and ensure that the ESIC charter is respected throughout all our projects”

The tournament organiser is responsible for hosting a range of esports events in France. Most recently, it hosted and operated the Ultimate Fighting Arena tournament in 2019.

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Ian Smith, ESIC Commissioner, added: “I’m delighted to welcome NCOVR/DVRT13 into the ESIC membership. The project team engaged with ESIC from day one to ensure the fullest possible integration with our Program as possible and, as our first French TO member, it is particularly gratifying that they wish to ratify a national standard level that aligns with the global standards we have been striving to create.”

Esports Insider says: ESIC has shown its worth over the past 12 months, ensuring integrity across all competitions is maintained. As NCOVR joins the commission, an industry standard is beginning to form in all regions of the world, guaranteeing a fair environment in all esports tournaments.

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