Matcherino partners with Supercell to power third-party Brawl Stars tournaments

Seattle-based tournament platform Matcherino has announced a partnership with game developer and publisher Supercell for its mobile game Brawl Stars.

As part of the deal, Matcherino will power third-party tournaments for Supercell’s Brawl Stars title.

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According to a release, the tournaments will feature cash prizes, as well as two exclusive in-game pins which can only be earned via Matcherino.

The programme, which aims to democratise access to esports, will be open to independent Brawl Stars tournament organisers around the world.

Moreover, the prize money contributed to the Brawl Stars tournaments will be matched by Supercell, allowing contributors to offer bigger donations to prize pools, the company said. Contributors will be rewarded with an animated in-game ‘Contributor’s Pin’ to show their support to the community.

Matcherino said the partnership aims to boost the Brawl Stars esports ecosystem by empowering third-party organisers, allowing them to run high-stakes competitive events for their communities.

“To us, approaching a playerbase from bottom up is what leads to long-lasting, thriving communities,” Michael Pinkham, Chief Marketing Officer at Matcherino, told Esports Insider. “It’s how games like Quake, StarCraft and Halo have had such a long-lasting impression on the gaming community.

“We’re pretty huge on the idea that you need to do it bottom up, which is why we’re trying to build this programme.”

Supercell will be the latest addition to Matcherino’s roster of partners, which also includes Razer, GFUEL, Activision Blizzard and DreamHack among others.

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Earlier this month, Supercell announced the Brawl Stars Championship Mid-Season Invitational, which is set to take place at DreamHack in June 2022. The three-day invitational will also feature a $150,000 (~£121,000) prize pool.

In a press release, Matcherino said: “Matcherino specialises in growing esports events organically by providing passionate communities with the tools they need to band together effectively.

“The Brawl Stars community is a massive one, and this partnership will help passionate organisers and fans take the Brawl Stars competitive scene to new heights while ensuring that players of all skill levels have a place to compete.”

Esports Insider says: Third-party tournaments will allow the Brawl Stars fan community to boost and personalise the game’s competitive scene. By teaming up with Matcherino, Supercell will also get the chance to feature bigger cash prizes and democratise one of its most popular titles, allowing it to further expand internationally.

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