Rabobank renews H20 Esports Campus sponsorship

Netherlands-based gaming centre H20 Esports Campus has renewed its partnership with the bank Rabobank.

The announcement follows on from an initial three-year deal signed by both parties in 2019, which resulted in H20’s facility being named the ‘Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam.’ 

H20 Esports Campus.
Image credit: H20 Esports Campus.

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H20 is also the company behind the Esports Tech Campus Amsterdam, a 12,000 square meter venue that hosts startups and educational initiatives.

On the H20’s website, Eric Zwart, the Director of the Rabobank Cooperative, highlighted that the partnership is aimed at the potential career opportunities that esports can create and develop.

He added: “With this sponsorship, we invest in social cohesion by training young people for the jobs of the future, we create business space for creative tech startups and look to be a catalyst for economic growth.”

Founded in late 2019, the H20 Esports Campus is located in Purmerend, Amsterdam. Besides its education and entrepreneurial opportunities, the Rabo Esports Stadium Amsterdam also hosts esports events and provides training opportunities for professional teams.

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H20 Esports Tech Campus Co-Founder, Matthijs Vink, commented: “Technology is playing an increasingly important role in business. For example, gamification, the application of game techniques in non-game environments, is used to optimise business processes.

“So if you think, as an entrepreneur, ‘we have nothing to do with gaming,’ remember that there is a big chance that your future employees do.”

Esports Insider says: Longstanding partnerships help with providing stability within the esports scene. Moreover, educating new professionals and developing new tech solutions is a way esports can contribute to society as a whole. As such, it is great to see investments keep flowing into interesting initiatives like the H20 Esports Campus. 

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