Eintracht Spandau partners with Uber Eats

Image credit: Eintracht Spandau / Uber Eats

German esports organisation Eintracht Spandau has agreed a partnership with food delivery company Uber Eats.

Uber Eats will become the ‘flagship sponsor’ of the German organisation, and the Uber Eats logo will be placed at the front of Eintracht’s jerseys. Both brands will also work together on creating content formats during the upcoming months.

Eintracht Spandau is an esports organisation founded by Maximilian Knabe, a popular gaming influencer, in late 2021.

The organisation competes in League of Legends and has recorded a successful inaugural season, qualifying for the European Masters tournament on its first attempt. The organisation said it draws inspiration from football for its merchandise, brand voice and fan engagement.

The deal with Uber Eats is a notable one for the organisation, with the high-profile delivery company now the largest single partner of Spandau. Uber Eats has also sponsored a range of sports and esports teams, including football club Marseille, and has partnered with Spacestation Gaming in the past.

The company is also the name sponsor for Ligue 1, France’s top-tier football league, and is helping facilitate the official Ligue 1 esports tournament.

The partnership between Uber Eats and Eintracht Spandau was brokered by SPORTFIVE, a sports marketing agency which has made a concerted esports push recently. It has primarily helped esports brands secure non-endemic sponsorships, most notably brokering the Fnatic Asos deal. SPORTFIVE is also a partner of NYXL, Immortals and other esports companies.

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Friedrich Kabler, Uber Eats’ Press Officer in Germany, said: “Eintracht Spandau has not only turned the German Prime League upside down with its performances, but with an unconventional and entertaining manner, with a huge fan base gathered behind them in a very short time.

“Together we want to make our growing offer in 27 cities with authentic content productions appealing to the esports community in Germany. We firmly believe that with Eintracht Spandau, we are establishing a pioneer for the international esports industry with regard to content production.”

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