3D Aim Trainer acquired by SteelSeries

Image credit: 3D Aim Trainer / SteelSeries

FPS practice and training tool 3D Aim Trainer has been acquired by Danish peripheral company SteelSeries.

As a result, 3D Aim Trainer’s entire team will join SteelSeries and continue working on its flagship product. Moreover, the company will assist SteelSeries on different software projects, with both entities also working on community tournaments.

Founded in 2019, 3D Aim Trainer is a training tool for gamers that wish to improve their aiming skills in FPS games. The software generates scenarios that allow players to practice using common FPS weapons and mechanics without playing the games themselves. According to the release, the app was used by more than 10 million gamers in the last three years.

The company notably received a €1m (~£881,224) investment in early 2021, after which 3D Aim Trainer worked on adding more features and increasing the size of its team.

Although acquired by SteelSeries, 3D Aim Trainer will continue existing as a training tool and the entire team will also continue working on improving the tool itself. According to a release on the 3D Aim Trainer website, the team will remain committed to helping players improve their aim in VALORANT, Fortnite, Apex Legends, PUBG, CS:GO, CoD, Rainbow Six and other games. SteelSeries and 3D Aim Trainer will also create ‘new training experiences’ together.

The two companies did not disclose financial details, but did announce a community challenge available in the tool itself that allows for players to compete to receive money and SteelSeries gear.

This acquisition comes at a time when 3D Aim Trainer’s biggest competitor, Aim Lab, is still remaining independent. However, at the same time, Aim Lab is broadening its connection with Riot Games. This is another viable approach which can see Aim Lab become deeply connected with an increasing number of Riot titles.

3D Aim Trainer, on the other hand, now has the ability to distribute its tool with SteelSeries software and perhaps have a say in creating new peripherals.

Ivan Šimić
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