Clash of Clans World Championship 2022 set to take place in Finland

Image credit: Supercell

Game developer Supercell has announced that the 2022 Clash of Clans World Championship will be played in front of a live audience this September in Helsinki, Finland.

The final event in Clash of Clans’ 2022 season will also feature a $1m (~£840,000) prize pool. Supercell has not announced details regarding the event’s exact venue.

The Clash of Clans World Championship is the last event of the Clash of Clans competitive season. Compared to last year’s edition, the prize pool has increased by $300,000 (~£251,000), from $700,000 (~£586,000) to $1m. The number of teams remains the same, with the eight best Clash of Clans teams qualifying for the big finale.

Teams will be able to qualify by earning golden tickets in community events, as well as through the official Championship qualifiers. The first four tickets are earned through two editions of the Queso Cup, as well as the Clash MSTRS: Gold Edition and the ESL-organised Snapdragon Pro Series.

X Team E-Sport and M.S Esports have already qualified for the event after winning the Queso Cup Golden Edition and Clash MSTRS: Gold Edition, respectively.

The other four teams will come from official qualifiers that will take place during August and early September. Supercell announced that additional details will be shared later this week, and that information regarding tickets for the LAN event will be made public during August.

ESI is going to Singapore in July. To buy a ticket or find out more, click here.

Clash of Clans developed its esports scene in 2016, following the release of the Friendly Wars update.

Although the main game mechanic (building a base and attacking opponent bases) is not often seen in esports, Clash of Clans has proven to be a very popular competitive game, owing in part to its large player base and longevity. The original game was first released in 2012 for iOS and 2013 for Android devices.

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