Complexity and Lenovo announce 2022 summer camps in the USA

Complexity Gaming signs multi-year deal with Lenovo
Image credit: Complexity Gaming

North American esports organisation Complexity Gaming and electronics manufacturer Lenovo have announced a series of gaming summer camps in Texas.

The camps are designed to help girls and underserved children in the Dallas-Fort Worth area make their first career steps in gaming. The camps will begin in late July 2022 and focus on content creation and competitive gaming.

This is one of the first major activations since Lenovo and Complexity signed a multi-year partnership earlier this year. The camps will be held at the Complexity headquarters and participants will use Lenovo devices for the duration of the camps.

The first camp, starting on July 25th, will focus on digital content creation in esports. Meanwhile, the second one, scheduled to start in early August, will focus on STEAM skills coding, design, engineering, and more.

Jason Lake, Founder & CEO of Complexity Gaming, commented: “With Lenovo, we’re able to proactively highlight social and educational opportunities in gaming for those new to the space, as well as have a hand in helping local youth take their ideas to the next level.”

Ultimately the initiative aims to improve inclusivity and diversity in gaming and esports. According to Lenovo and Complexity, each camp will also ‘reinforce smart, safe habits online’ as well as educate kids on the importance of anti-toxic and inclusive behaviour.

After each camp, participants will also receive a capstone project of their work.

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Lenovo NA Chief Marketing Officer, Gerald Youngblood, added: “Children are engaging with games and gaming content daily, and by partnering with an industry leader like Complexity, Lenovo is expanding the ways in which we are helping young people learn and grow from their gaming experience.”

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