Akolyte launches holistic approach to support players and coaches

05 September 2022


Image credit: Akolyte

Esports coaching and performance platform Akolyte has launched to provide a new ‘holistic’ approach to supporting players and coaches.

The platform’s services include sport psychology consultations, coaching development and safeguarding support, all of which are available from grassroots esports to top-level competitors.

In addition to its services, the platform will collaborate with education providers and a number of research groups in a bid to ‘ensure positive industry growth.’

Founded as part of The Esports Group in 2020, Akolyte consists of a range of professional performance coaches, sport psychologists and other specialists. According to the release, these individuals have professional training and experiences from supporting players that compete in competitions such as the LEC, FIFAe World Cup and the RLCS.

Alongside providing performance support, the platform also provides a range of workshops focusing on health, well-being and team dynamics.

The launch of Akolyte continues the growth and development in esports performance solutions. In August, European organisation Heroic appointed former handball player Lasee Svan as its performance coach. In January, the British Esports Association will open the National Esports Performance Campus in Sunderland.

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Callum Abbot, Sport and Exercise Psychologist at Akolyte, shared more on the project: “I am thrilled to be embarking on this new journey with Akolyte, which seeks to raise the bar for performance support in esports. More and more we’re seeing teams calling for sport psychology, performance coaching, and well-being support and to be at the forefront of providing these services with such an experienced and highly qualified team is an immensely exciting opportunity.

“Since we work within established ethical frameworks and existing codes of conduct developed by organisations such as the British Psychological Society and HCPC, those working with us can be assured of evidence-based quality support for coaches, players, and staff within teams.”

Jonno Nicholson
Jonno is a Freelance News Writer for Esports Insider and has been part of the ESI team since 2019! His interests include the rapid rise of sim racing and its impact on the wider industry.