Gameplan bolsters esports venues through E-Blue partnership

14 October 2022


Image credit: Gameplan / E-Blue

Esports management platform Gameplan has secured a partnership with hardware company E-Blue Gaming.

The partnership will see E-Blue include Gameplan’s platform in its offerings for gaming centres and other venues.

Owned by Learn2Esports, Gameplan is a company that allows teachers to access and create esports-focused lessons and assess the performance of players. The platform is currently available in over 300 schools and after-school programmes around the world. Gameplan is used by esports organisations such as Guild Esports, as well as Twitch and aim training tool Aim Lab.

E-Blue, on the other hand, is a hardware company providing gaming furniture, devices and peripherals. The company supplies esports furniture to different venues and offers hardware development and sales. E-Blue also offers full-service esports venues, arenas, hotels and other venues.

The partnership between the two companies will see both parties offer their respective solutions and services to the other. For example, E-Blue can now offer Gameplan’s platform in its offering for partners, which includes esports arenas and gaming centres, as well as educational institutions and hotels.

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Jason Chun Wai Lu, E-Blue’s Director of Business Development, commented: “Partnering with Gameplan will allow E-Blue clients to have an additional skill coverage in the esports training sector, giving more value to our clients is also an essential goal of E-Blue. We feel proud and are grateful to partner with Gameplan for the future esports facilities development.”

Gameplan CEO Rasmus Sandström added that the partnership will benefit both companies. Moreover, it will provide the youth visiting the venues with more opportunities to grow and improve their skills.

Ivan Šimić
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