Challengermode partners with PUBG Mobile, launches esports fund for tournament organisers

15 November 2022


(ESI Illustration) Image credit: PUBG MOBILE / Challengermode

Esports platform Challengermode has partnered with PUBG Mobile to become the official esports partner of PUBG Mobile and integrate the game into its platform.

The integration is intended to offer PUBG Mobile players easier access to esports matches through the Challengermode app. The partnership also sees the launch of a fund to support tournament organisers in PUBG Mobile.

Challengermode is a Swedish esports platform that provides infrastructure for esports games. The platform allows for competition in a large number of esports titles, from CS:GO and VALORANT to League of Legends and mobile games. The platform supports competitions in 80 titles in total.

The partnership with PUBG MOBILE, which grants it access to the PUBG MOBILE API, marks the start of a broader push into mobile esports for the Swedish company. CEO and Co-Founder Robel Efrem told Esports Insider earlier this year that the company wants to work closer with developers in order to better engage esports users.

The Challengermode smartphone app, which is available on iOS and Android, was first launched in August 2022.

Challengermode will also work with the developer to launch the PUBG MOBILE Esports Fund, a fund that will distribute prize money to tournament organisers.

According to a release, the funding looks to help grassroots tournament organisers around the world grow their user base and improve the quality of tournaments. The release also says the fund aims to increase the scope and scale of ‘community tournaments’, suggesting the money is predominantly for smaller tournament organisers.

Starting today, the fund will be distributed to tournament organisers with a ‘proven track record’ in hosting PUBG MOBILE tournaments, according to Challengermode’s website. The fund is open to all tournament organisers except for those in China, India, Japan or South Korea.

James Yang, Director of PUBG MOBILE Esports, said: “The PUBG MOBILE Esports API integration in Challengermode creates a truly seamless experience for competitive gamers of any skill level.

“Creating and joining PUBG MOBILE tournaments on Challengermode will be so much easier with the integration and will open up avenues for players to participate in a wider selection of competitions and tournaments for prize pools with ease.”

Ivan Šimić
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