Team Delirium receives funding from nightclub Tape London

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UK esports organisation Team Delirium has announced nightclub Tape London as its latest investor.

The deal will see Tape London acquire part of Team Delirium, according to a report by Esports News UK, in a bid to bridge the gap between gaming and music culture. Financial figures behind the investment have not been disclosed.

According to Esports News UK’s report, the companies are looking to achieve their goal through content creation and marketing opportunities. At the same time, Team Delirium will also reportedly receive capital to help with its gaming content and esports work, and further progress with its team operations.

Team Delirium was founded in 2017 by Jack ‘Smurfy’ Smurthwaite to compete in Battle Royale title H1Z1. However, as the game became less popular the organisation went on a two-year hiatus, returning in 2019 with plans to compete in Fortnite. In 2022, its Fortnite roster disbanded after the departure of Nathan ‘Ghoul’ Dewar, Liquid and Site from the brand. 

The organisation’s attention is currently focused on Call of Duty content creation and content-driven esports, with plans for further expansion — ideally bridging the gap between casual and competitive gaming.

Team Delirium’s roster of commercial partnerships includes deals with meal replacement company CTRL and esports apparel company ARMA.

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The is the first esports-related partnership for Tape London, though it’s not the first nightclub to enter the industry. In 2017, Deltic Group, a company which owns a large chain of nightclubs across the UK, partnered with Ultimo Hombre to run a series of amateur events with a gaming and esports focus.

More broadly, music and esports have been becoming ever more intertwined, with various collaborations and launches taking place recently. In October, Korean American artist Jay Park was named Gen.G’s Music and Entertainment advisor, T1 teamed up with THE BOYZ for a League of Legends Worlds anthem, and Riot Games colloborated with Lil Nas X.

Fnatic also recently launched its own music label, Fnatic Music, and released a lofi hip-hop album. It followed G2 Esports expanding into music with its own record label back in January.

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