Team BDS looks to tackle toxicity with

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Swiss esports organisation Team BDS has announced a partnership with gaming moderation solutions provider

The deal sees the organisation invest in an automated moderation solution in a bid to combat toxicity in esports.

The service is capable of moderating text chat across numerous platforms including Twitch and YouTube with a 90% success rate of eliminating inappropriate messages, according to a release. In addition to the moderation, provides an all-in-one solution that provides organisations with an analysis of the behaviour of its fanbase and viewers. has collaborated with Team BDS since April by monitoring the organisation’s Twitch, Instagram and Twitter channels with the partnership giving it access to the full selection of anti-toxicity tools.

In recent months, Team BDS continues to consolidate its position as one of the largest esports organisations in Europe. Its Rainbow Six Siege roster won the Jönköping Major and in October. Morover it became a partner team for the 2023 Trackmania Grand League.

This is the first partnership with an esports organisation for However, it’s no stranger to the esports industry. Throughout 2022, the solutions provider has collaborated with Women in Games France and game publisher Paradox Interactive.

Arnaud Chemin, Head of Gaming at, spoke on the deal: “The gaming sector, and in particular the esports market is booming. We know that millions of people across the world enjoy participating and watching their favourite players and teams. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Team BDS.

“We are thrilled to be able to work with such a formidable gaming enterprise to raise awareness about the need to address toxicity in the gaming arena and challenge the industry to make it a better, safer, freer environment for all.”

Jonno Nicholson
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