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Checkmate x Tencent
Leo Li, Vice President, Tencent Cloud International. Image credit: / Tencent

Chess and broadcasting platform has announced a partnership with Tencent Cloud, the cloud service owned by Chinese technology company Tencent.

The partnership will see Tencent Cloud services incorporated into Checkmate’s platform. As a result, the platform will gain cloud infrastructure and Metaverse offerings as well as scalable solutions.

Web3-powered platform is a result of a collaboration between the Asian Chess Federation and production and media company VADR Media. Its core business is centred around the production and broadcast of online chess tournaments, as well as XR linear chess tournaments. Users can use the platform to compete for prizes and collectibles.

Interestingly, Checkmate is also a partner of the Arab Esports Federation, helping bridge the gap between chess and esports and gaming.

Chess was recently announced for the inaugural Olympic Esports Series and is one of the few traditional sports with a growing following in the virtual world. In January, the Chess champions Tour announced a $2m prize pool for its 2023 edition. Moreover, other platforms such as have made strong moves in the esports space, including a dedicated esports segment led by Michael Brancato, a former Twitch executive.

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Tencent Cloud, on the other hand, is part of Tencent, a large Chinese technology and gaming company with stakes in Riot Games, Ubisoft, KRAFTON, SuperCell and Epic games, among many others.

John McRae, Managing Director of VADR Media, commented on the partnership: “Tencent and Tencent Cloud, have years of experience in the fields of gaming, media and cloud services. Their technical prowess and global footprint accelerate our shared vision.

“This capability, combined with the rapid acceleration of AI, has unlocked new opportunities for broadcasters to engage and immerse players and fans.”

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