Farming Simulator League off-season tournament announced

farming simulator league
Image credit: Giants Software (ESI Illustration)

GIANTS Software, the developer of the agriculture simulation game Farming Simulator, has announced an off-season tournament that will take place during the gaming festival CAGGTUS in Leipzig, Germany.

The FSL (Farming Simulator League) Easter Challenge will be a part of the presentation of the Farming Simulator 22 game. The competition will be open to all visitors and features a €15,000 (£13,200) prize pool.

Farming Simulator League is the official esports circuit for Farming Simulator. The tournament started as a way to showcase Farming Simulator during trade and gaming shows, but, as GIANTS Software told Esports Insider in 2021, the game mode proved to be so popular that the company decided to invest in the games’ esports scene.

The FSL will commence its fifth season later this year, and the FSL Easter Challenge will serve as an official pre-season tournament for both professional players and amateur visitors of the CAGGTUS event. The last season of the FSL finished in November 2022 and saw the eight best FSL teams compete for €40,000 (~£35,000).

Interestingly, the Farming Simulator League is partnered with esports and technology brands, such as noblechairs and Nitrado, as well as more traditional farming-focused companies like DLG, the German Agricultural Society and agriculture magazine Profi. The league is yet to announce details about the upcoming season.

According to GIANTS Software, the tournament aims to “fuel anticipation” for the upcoming season of the league, while showcasing the game mode to the broader public. FSL teams such as mYinsanity and Trelleborg will also make an appearance at the tournament, giving the audience a chance to test their skills against professional FSL players. All visitors can enter the tournament in teams of three players.

Claas Eilermann, Event Manager at GIANTS Software, added: “Preparations for the new season are in full swing. With this off-season tournament, we want to fuel the anticipation in advance and equally get the CAGGTUS audience excited about virtual and competitive farming.”

Ivan Šimić
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