MrBeast’s Karl Jacobs joins Misfits as Owner and Creative Director

Misfits Gaming
Image credit: Misfits Gaming Group

Esports and gaming organisation Misfits Gaming Group has announced that streamer, YouTuber and content creator Karl Jacobs has joined the company as an owner and creative director.

Jacobs will head content efforts for Misfits as an executive, but also as a content creator for the American gaming brand. Alongside Jacobs, streamer and content creator AustinShow will also join Misfits as a content creator and executive producer.

Karl Jacobs is mostly known for being closely tied with Jimmy Donaldson, the owner of the MrBeast YouTube Channel. Jacobs is a part of the MrBeast team and also creates content on his own personal channels. Along with AustinShow, Jacobs will work on the creation of new jointly-owned IP’s for Misfits, with the aim to improve the overall content efforts for the company.

It is unclear how much stake Jacobs will have in Misfits. The company announced him as an owner, but did not clarify whether this changes the ownership structure of the company.

The move is part of a broader content strategy for Misfits, a company that notably scaled down its esports efforts to transition to content creation and signed more staff on that front. Misfits sold its LEC slot to Team Heretics in 2022, and also created a large-scale creator fund that is aimed exclusively at content creation.

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Karl Jacobs, new Misfits Creative Director, said: “In accepting this new partnership, it was essential for me to have an ownership stake, so my contributions are both creatively fulfilling and invest me alongside the business’ success for the long-term. With ownership I’m given the ability to help make crucial decisions to really put my voice and vision into the company and I’m super excited for the journey!” 

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