Kreekcraft, Misfits and Karl Jacobs launch Roblox game studio

Image credit: Pixel Playground / Misfits Gaming group

Roblox creator Forrest Waldron, known as Kreekcraft, has joined the North American esports and gaming organisation Misfits Gaming.

Waldron will act as Creative Director and Co-founder of a new business venture called Pixel Playground, a Roblox game studio. Waldron will be joined by Misfits’ latest co-owner Karl Jacobs, who has been announced as Pixel Playground’s Co-founder.

Waldron is an American streamer and content creator most known for his videos focusing on Roblox, an online game platform that allows users to create their own mini-games. Waldron has over 7m YouTube subscribers and is the most prominent Roblox streamer in the world. Jacobs is a content creator who is widely known for working with YouTuber MrBeast.

The new venture will be led by Walrdon and Jacobs, with Misfits providing operational support, resources and other tools needed to share created content with large audiences. The duo will have complete creative control over the direction of the studio, according to Misfits Gaming Group. The mission of the company is to create games inside Roblox aimed at young players while being inspired by game designs and modes created for older demographics.

According to Misfits, after Roblox announced changes in its advertising rules, the games created by Pixel Playground will be appealing to both advertisers and audiences.

This is the newest creator project for the Misfits Creator Fund, a multi-million dollar initiative that the esports and gaming organisation started in November 2022.

Ben Spoont, CEO and Founder of Misfits Gaming Group commented: “With Kreekcraft joining as a co-founder and Creative Director of this studio, working alongside us and Karl, we’re creating something truly collaborative and creator-led.

“It’s our goal at Misfits to unlock their creative potential and utilise our newly-formed internal development team at Pixel Playground to create new gaming experiences for Roblox

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