Esports venue Level Tap to open in Liverpool ONE shopping complex

Image credit: Level Tap

Shopping, leisure and residential complex Liverpool ONE will open an esports venue later this year.

The venue, called Level Tap, will include console stations, gaming booths, racing simulators and a bar and dining area. Moreover, the gaming and esports space will feature a lounge area and a ‘decompression zone’.

This will be the first venue of its kind at Liverpool ONE. Located on Hanover Street, the venue will feature two levels and around 6,500 square feet of space for gaming and socialising. Level Tap will include PCs and consoles, as well as racing simulators. There will be a total of eight console stations and 22 PCs. Games on offer will be both esports titles and more casual games, however, a press release noted that it will focus on competitive titles.

The new venue will be launched by Adam Rydings and Callum Wilson.

Level Tap noted that the benefits of creating a venue in Liverpool include being situated in a large student population. These universities have popular gaming societies and Liverpool also has a strong game development scene.

Its Co-founder Adam Rydings works as a Senior Finance Manager for Esports Entertainment Group and Callum Wilson is part of business consulting company Sedulo. The pair have abundant experience in finance and accounting, while also having knowledge about the esports and gaming industries.

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Adam Rydings, Co-Founder of Level Tap, commented on the opening: “With streamers on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch becoming household names, the demand for watching them in a social atmosphere is soaring. We want to bring that big match experience to the casual gamer while allowing them the chance to improve their skills and have fun with friends.

“As an esports venue it will be competitive in nature so there will be more of an emphasis on multiplayer games. We will be also showing both tournaments and streamers on our main projector screen and TVs around the venue and we plan to run our own events, sponsored events and tournaments.”

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