Overclockers UK and noblechairs to equip Endpoint Esports HQ

Image credit: Endpoint / Overclockers UK / noblechairs

British esports organisation Endpoint has announced that two of its long-term partners, hardware retailer Overclockers UK and gaming furniture brand noblechairs, will help equip its new headquarters.

Overclockers UK will provide the esports organisation with peripherals, pre-build PCs, desks and monitors while noblechairs will provide gaming chairs for staff, players and visitors.

Endpoint is a well-known British esports organisation with teams in CS:GO, Rocket League and Quake, alongside a growing content creator roster. The company is currently finishing work on its new headquarters in Sheffield, UK, which will house a boot camp for its players, a media studio for content creators and facilities for visitors, meetings and other uses.

Considering that both Overclockers UK and noblechairs are existing partners of the esports organisation, the decision to use the brands’ products and services in equipping its headquarters was an easy one for Endpoint. Both of these brands are owned by Pro Gamers Group, a company that also owns technology retailer caseking.de, as well as Taiwanese mechanical keyboard brand Ducky and a plethora of other gaming-focused brands.

Peter Thompson, COO of Endpoint, commented on the deal: “The support both Overclockers UK and noblechairs have shown Endpoint and grassroots UK esports over the last six years has been amazing. This would not have been possible without them and really helps us bring this state-of-the-art facility to life.”

Overclockers UK will provide Endpoint with a lineup of gaming products to support players and content creators, including Refract Gaming PCs, Endgame Gear mice, ThunderX3 and Nitro Concepts desks. Noblechairs will offer its HERO and EPIC chair models for the facility.

Endpoint Esports did not share exact details about the venue’s opening dates, but considering the fact that the offices are soon to be equipped, it is likely being announced soon.

Ivan Šimić
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