Godsent recharges GP Batteries partnership

godsent and gp batteries
Image credit: Godsent / GP Batteries

Swedish esports and gaming organisation Godsent has renewed its partnership with battery manufacturer GP Batteries after one year.

The battery brand will remain the main partner for the esports organisation. GP Batteries and Godsent will work together on activations with GP through its digital channels.

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Godsent and GP Batteries first announced a large-scale partnership in early 2022. The two companies announced that GP Batteries branding will be featured on Godsent jerseys and that the company will rename its headquarters in Sweden to the GP Godsent Gaming Center.

The partnership remains the only large-scale esports activation for the Hong Kong-based battery brand, founded in 1964. The two brands did not share any specifics about the possible expansion of the partnership.

Godsent Deputy CEO Matias Riihijärvi noted that Godsent is excited to continue working with GP Batteries to help elevate the Swedish esports scene. Riihijärvi also announced that Godsent will “activate GP as a partner with the Godsent Swedish CS:GO team, as well as work on continuous visibility and campaigns with Nordic gaming influencers on Twitch.”

Godsent is one of the most well-known Swedish esports organisations, founded in 2016 by former Fnatic member Markus ‘pronax’ Wallsten and entrepreneur Tomas Oropesa Martin. The company is most known for its CS:GO roster and has recently brought CS:GO veteran Emil HeatoN Christensen as a co-CEO and announced a ‘new era’ for the company.

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