FaZe co-owner and streamer Nickmercs partners with Corsair

Image credit: Corsair

US-based gaming hardware brand Corsair has announced a partnership with streamer Nicholas Kolcheff, better known as Nickmercs.

Kolcheff is a co-owner of esports and gaming company FaZe Clan and a well-known streamer. He will play and stream using equipment from Corsair and Corsair-owned brands SCUF, Origin PC, and Elgato.

Apart from using equipment from Corsair and other Corsair-owned companies, Kolcheff will also work with the hardware brand on the development of new products and merchandise, as well as on activations.

According to the two parties, Kolcheff will also work with Corsair on “educating the company on the needs of semi-pro gamers and the emerging market for aspiring streamers.”

Kolcheff noted that his partnership with SCUF Gaming, first agreed on in 2016, is his longest-lasting brand deal. As a part of the partnership, SCUFF and Nickmercs created a custom PlayStation 5 controller.

The two parties noted that the long-lasting relationship was the base for the expansion, but did not mention how long his partnership will last.

Corsair is one of the largest gaming hardware brands in North America, and the owner of several gaming and streaming-focused brands. The company owns Elgato, a company most known for its Stream Deck line of products, as well as gaming controller company SCUF and custom PC builder Origin PC.

The company recently announced a partnership with Alpine, Renault’s performance division, for the Alpine Esports Series.

Nick ‘NICKMERCS” Kolcheff, said: “Not only will I start rocking the best gear gaming has to offer, but I have a lot to say on what makes a truly elite product and gaming experience. I can’t wait to introduce all the cool stuff we’re working on to the MFAM, and beyond. This one is for them!”

Ivan Šimić
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