7 reasons to attend TwitchCon Paris

TwitchCon 2023 Paris
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TwitchCon, the official convention for Twitch, sees thousands gather twice each year, both in Europe and North America. Paris will host this year’s European TwitchCon on July 8th-9th, providing the ultimate experience for fans and streamers in the continent. 

TwitchCon Paris is offering an array of events and activations, from workshops on growing streamer brands to competitive tournaments contested by some of Twitch’s biggest stars.

Ahead of TwitchCon Paris, Esports Insider has compiled a list of things going on and worth seeing at the European streamer extravaganza.

1. Meet your favourite streamers in-person

One of TwitchCon’s highlights is meeting streamers big and small, from rising streamers to Twitch’s biggest celebrities. 

TwitchCon attendees can catch their favourite streamers and fellow community members during shows, panels, and at the TwitchCon Meet and Greet.  

This year, Twitch is introducing a new registration system, where fans can reserve slots to meet their favourite streamers, such as UK personalities Tubbo, Smajor and Aimsey. It’s not just the UK that will be represented through with notable streamers from across the world attending the TwitchCon Meet and Greet, including AustinShow, HasanAbi, LittleBigWhale, pokimane, Ponce and Ranboolive to name a few. 

2. Celebrate creativity at Artist Alley

Artist Alley is a space where Twitch’s vibrant arts streamers share their creativity with the community. Throughout  Saturday and Sunday, TwitchCon attendees will be able to  meet their favourite artists, buy fan art (as well as original art too!), and  

Artist Alley is a unique, physical gallery space for Twitch’s artist streamers.  Here people who attend TwitchCon will meet the illustrators, painters, sculptors, costume designers, embroiderers, and artists of many other descriptions who share their crafts live on Twitch every day. 

3. Catch the action at Twitch Rivals

Twitch’s competition series Twitch Rivals sees many of Twitch’s most popular streamers face each other in head-to-head competition to earn bragging rights and make history. Twitch Rivals tournaments and challenges span esports, competitive gaming and IRL competitions. Events like TwitchCon are especially important to follow as esports organisations continue to blur the lines between the esports and creator industries.

TwitchCon tickets offer access to the Twitch Rivals Arena, which will see streamers compete in League of Legends, VALORANT, Fall Guys and other challenges. It’ll also be streamed on, you guessed it, Twitch.

4. Paris!

The fact that TwitchCon is taking place in Paris this year adds an extra layer of excitement to the event and is a major selling point in itself.

From the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral to the artistic masterpieces at the Louvre Museum and the charming streets of Montmartre, the city is brimming with captivating sights that creates an idealistic setting for TwitchCon and its visitors. Paris will definitely serve as an appealing backdrop for IRL meetups of Twitch enthusiasts from around the world.

France is also a major esports nation. Several important esports events — including the latest CS:GO Major — have been held in the country recently as the French government has sought to support esports in the country.

5. Learn from the best at Creator Camp panels

TwitchCon Paris will offer numerous panels aimed at educating and upskilling aspiring and established streamers alike via its Creator Camp. These sessions aim to help streamers improve and hone their streaming skills. The panels, taking place across both days of the event, will seek to educate attendees on both on-screen and off-screen skills.

Sessions include,  “Path to Partner”, where Twitch Staff will offer an overview of what it takes to make Partner status on Twitch. The Working with Brands workshop offers advice on collaborating with sponsors, how to reach out to potential brand partners, and on executing activations.

Other sessions will cover topics such as creating engaging streams, and how to grow your stream using alerts, which will teach you how to most effectively use Twitch Alerts to create more interactive content, recognize the viewers who support you, and ultimately help you to grow your channel’s engagement. TwitchCon also offers valuable networking opportunities for aspiring streamers.

TwitchCon 2023 Paris
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6. Engage with exhibitors on the show floor

Every year at TwitchCon, exhibitors and sponsors descend on the show floor to offer activations to attendees. In Paris, Samsung Galaxy and professional makeup brand NYX are coming in as headline sponsors of the event to showcase mobile gaming, sponsor the Drag showcase, and tease unreleased video game titles.

Meanwhile, exhibitors including Chess.com, Crocs, Cakewalk, Jackbox Games, Make-A-Wish, Mind and many more will have a presence in the Expo Hall, with stalls that captivated attendees last year.

7. Meet your community at Community MeetUps

Meeting fellow community members in real life is a core part of TwitchCon and a major reason many fans attend — to bring an online community offline. TwitchCon has an array of meetups programmed into its schedule to help make this easier.

These include meetups for cosplaying, women in gaming, LGBTQIA+, IRL streaming community several dedicated to various video games, countries, cities, and more.

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