Astralis joins KOI and Team Heretics as LEC co-streaming partner

Screenshot showing Astralis League of Legends players on red background with LEC co-stream text on right-hand side
Image credit: Astralis

Danish esports organisation Astralis has become the latest organisation to enter a co-streaming partnership with the LEC for its 2023 Summer Split.

In collaboration with game publisher Riot Games, Astralis joins KOI and Team Heretics as the third organisation to host a dedicated broadcast from its headquarters.

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As a co-streaming partner of the LEC, Astralis’ broadcast will feature Danish commentators in a bid to enhance the viewing experience for Danish League of Legends fans. The initiative also aims to encourage the growth of League of Legends in the country.

The Astralis stream will see matches available on its Watch Astralis platform, starting with the opening week of Summer Split matches taking place from June 17th.

The expansion of the LEC co-streaming initiative follows a trial period involving Spanish organisations KOI and Team Heretics. In January 2023, Riot Games stated if the trial was a success, it would include more co-streams in different languages in the future.

Outside of League of Legends, Astralis continues to build on its 2022 financial results which showed an increase in revenue and a decrease in overall loss. In May 2023, the organisation joined forces with tournament platform FACEIT to create a number of projects for Danish Counter-Strike fans, ranging from launching tournaments to establishing a community clan.

The LEC Summer Split begins on June 17th and runs until July 30th when Astralis and nine other teams will compete for a chance to become champion. The organisations will also be looking to book a place at the 2023 League of Legends World Championship taking place in South Korea later this year.

Co-streaming continues to be a hot topic of conversation within the League of Legends community. In recent years, the likes of the LCS, LCK, and the LPL have embraced the practice, giving fans more choices on where to watch matches.

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