G1 acquires custom PC brand Evolve PCs

Image credit: Evolve PCs / Gamers First

North American esports organisation Gamers First (G1) has announced the acquisition of Evolve PCs, a company specialising in creating custom PCs.

The aim for G1 is to diversify its income streams, helping the organisation make steps towards profitability in the near future. Evolve’s team of six employees also joined G1, together with all of its branding and inventory.

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Gamers First is an esports organisation founded by former NFL player Kenny Vaccaro in late 2021. The organisation fields teams in Halo, Rocket League and Trackmania. G1 also acquired the Women’s Carball League after the tournament series was suspended in early 2023.

Evolve PCs is a boutique PC-building company that produces gaming PCs. The company offers standardised configurations, as well as fully custom PCs. Evolve PCs was founded in 2019, and saw good financial results throughout its existence, with around $2.5m (~£1,.95m) in revenue annually, according to the company.

The PC company noted that the acquisition will help Evolve grow “aggressively”, acquire deals with new content creators and develop new products. The financial details were not disclosed, but Evolve did note that “considerable resources” were involved.

The acquisition will help G1 make new steps toward potential profitability. The company’s CEO Kenny Vaccaro said that the current financial models in esports are “Broken”, and that the company is committed to not just fielding competitive teams but also offering other products and services that complement its core business.

Ari Smith, Chief Executive Office of Evolve PCs, added: “As gamers building PCs for gamers, we know the impact of a new rig could make for players looking to get the most out of their gaming.

“That’s especially true for the pros and with the endless opportunities this deal brings, we’re eying aggressive growth. We’re committed to bringing the very best of gaming to everyone.”

Outside of competitive esports, G1 also offers content production, strategy and consulting services, part of its agency arm.

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