AT&T announces new edition of Annihilator Cup

annihilator cup
Image credit: AT&T

North American telecommunications company AT&T has announced a new edition of its self-branded AT&T Annihilator Cup tournament, set to start on July 6th.

The tournament will see 20 content creators compete for a $375,000 (£295,000) prize pool in Apex Legends, Fortnite, Street Fighter and CS:GO.

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This year marks the third season of the content creator-focused tournament, which is branded and sponsored by AT&T. It has proved to be a highly popular event due to the combination of games, a large prize pool, and major content creators with large audiences.

According to Esports Charts, the first edition of the tournament in 2021 saw around 147,000 peak viewers for CS:GO matches, and more than 100,000 for all other games.

The 2022 edition saw improved numbers across the board. Around 164,000 viewers for CS:GO and 163,000 peak viewers for Apex Legends matches, and the lowest viewership of 120,000 for Halo were good numbers for a relatively small-scale tournament.

This year, AT&T is promising growth in all segments. The company has partnered with gaming influencer JakeLucky, which will see him create content for the tournament series and provide extra exposure via his channels. An open lobby in Fortnite will also be included this year, allowing fans to play the game with content creators and streamers and win prizes.

Some of the best-known North American streamers will compete in the games, including DisguisedToast, Dr.Lupo, Basustoise, Tarik, Yassuo, Lirik and more. The tournament will also be hosted by esports caster and host Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez.

The games will be available through the official AT&T Twitch channel, but also via the channels of all participants.

Gaming influencer JakeLucky was quoted in a release as saying: “I am psyched to cover this event as we see how streamers can really compete across multiple titles.

“I’m super excited to share moments and exclusive interviews from the competitors and creators involved. Hopefully we can showcase some stories to bring the community together and allow fans to connect more closely with their favorite creators.”

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