DiabloBuilds announces new Diablo 4 Race to World First event

Diablo 4 Race to World First
Image credit: DiabloBuilds

Popular Diablo fan site DiabloBuilds has unveiled its second Race to World First (RWF) event for the launch of Diablo 4’s Season 1 update on July 20th. 

The event, which sees competitors race to become the first player to reach level 100, will be sponsored by coaching platform Metafy, drink brand Rogue Energy and technology company Elgato.

Activations for the event were not revealed, however, the site claims that the partners will ‘elevate the race to new heights’.

Race to World First events gained popularity within MMO title World of Warcraft as in-game ‘guilds’ started broadcasting their races to be first to complete the game’s latest raids. 

This style of event has grown in popularity over the last few years with the last WoW Race to World First seeing notable organisations such as Team Liquid, Method and Echo creating guilds, and signing sponsors, for the event. 

The rising popularity of the concept has crossed over into Diablo 4. According to DiabloBuilds, the first Race to World First Diablo 4 event, which launched last month, featured over 140 competitors and generated over 1m unique viewers on Twitch throughout the event. 

Jessie Lassiter, DiabloBuilds Head of Operations, commented: “We are incredibly excited to bring back the Race to World First event for Diablo 4 Season 1. With these awesome brands joining us and supporting the Diablo community, we’re confident that everyone’s going to have fun watching the race.”

DiabloBuild will live stream the RWF event on its Twitch channel with the site also announcing new features on its platform for the competition. This includes an interactive map and a build calculator that allows players to see real-time changes to characters. 

Metafy, Rogue Energy and Elgato are all endemic sponsors that have struck partnerships in esports in the past. Notably, Metafy teamed up with Luminosity earlier this year, while Elgato sponsored Quadrant in 2022. 

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