Epulze partners with data company UNLOX

(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Epulze / UNLOX

Esports tournament platform operator Epulze has announced a partnership with market research and data company UNLOX.

The partnership aims to help Epulze secure better partnerships by utilising UNLOX research experience. In addition, the partnership will also be used to improve fan experiences at Epulze events.

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UNLOX is a company that specialises in gathering audience data, which includes consumption patterns, brand perception, and purchase intentions.

Epulze is an esports production company that was behind the Dota Pro Circuit SEA 2023 Summer Tour and produced the recent Bali Major, the first-ever Dota 2 Major to happen in Indonesia. The company has also produced the Lima Major in Peru, another important Dota 2 event in a market that does not often host large-scale esports events.

The two brands have already made a trial run during the recently-concluded Dota 2 Bali Major and the DPC SEA 2023, exploring the preferences of the audiences that follow the tournaments that Epulze produces.

According to the two companies, the information will allow the companies to identify and create tailor-made sponsorship packages that align with the interests and aspirations of the community.

Epulze and UNLOX noted that the partnership will serve to improve the overall fan experience for everyone involved in the events and broadcasts since the partnerships will only be done based on audience insights and data. This will, according to the duo, lead to a positive boost to advertising content towards audiences.

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