Guild Esports secures partnership with Pixels AI

Guild Esports
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UK-based esports organisation Guild Esports has announced a partnership with digital advertising service Pixels AI.

As a result of the deal, Guild Esports aims to generate advertising revenues from its owned video content using Pixel AI’s optimisation tools.

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The one-year deal marks Pixel AI’s first foray into the esports industry. The company uses AI to connect publishers and media rights holders by matching content to relevant websites. For Guild Esports, the service will match the organisation’s content to web pages covering Guild and its roster of teams.

In addition, the partnership will assist the growth of Guild Studios, Guild Esports’ in-house production division. According to a release, Pixel AI will help the studio target new audiences ‘from new growth territories and regions’.

The Pixel AI partnership isn’t the first time Guild Esports has utilised AI. In March 2023, the organisation partnered with AI and data analytics company Gerford AI to use its capabilities to aid the development of esports players through the analysis of in-game performance.

2023 continues to be a year of expansion for Guild Esports. Following a £600,000 fundraise, the organisation secured a deal with sim racing peripherals manufacturer Fanatec in addition to opening a sim racing facility within its London headquarters.

Jasmine Skee, CEO of Guild Esports, spoke on the deal: “This partnership helps us put the Guild brand and our authentic and exclusive gaming content in front of targeted and engaged digital audiences.

“It will enhance our current content advertising strategy with greater reach and frequency and boost our ability to talk to gamers away from the traditional social and streaming platforms which is vital for our growth. “

Jonno Nicholson
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