Valhallan opens youth esports training facility

Screenshot of Alexi and Cinamon Claudio standing in front of Valhallan esports sign
Image credit: Valhallan

Youth-focused North American esports company Valhallan has opened an esports training facility in Wake Forest, North Carolina.

The facility will host a range of esports coaching programmes in addition to a curriculum where attendees can improve in-game performance and life skills.

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Husband and wife Alexi and Cinnamon Claudio have been named as the Owners and Directors of the Valhallan facility, the first youth esports facility to open in Northern Wake County region. Additionally, the facility is the first Valhallan franchise that isn’t affiliated with another company.

The facility will provide membership packages that include four sessions each month. Sessions include an opportunity to compete in youth esports competitions in addition to coaching across a range of titles including VALORANT, Rocket League and Fortnite.

Valhallan continues to expand its offerings across North America. In July 2023, the company secured a deal with gaming chair manufacturer Mavix to equip its facilities with gaming chairs designed to improve the posture of gamers.

In addition to operating esports facilities, Valhallan also operates the Valhallan Esports League. The league was created following a merger between the North American Esports League and the United Federation of Esports Athletes League.

Cinnamon Claudio, Director and Operator of Valhallan Wake Forest, spoke on the launch: “As parents, we had been looking for a place where local youth can improve both esports and life skills.

“Not everyone is an athlete and esports opens opportunities to compete on a different level. At Valhallan Wake Forest, we offer a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment.”

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