Ghost Gaming partners with ggCircuit to establish Scholastic Esports Innovation Center

13 September 2023


(ESI Illustration) Image credit: Ghost Gaming / ggCircuit

North American esports organisation Ghost Gaming has announced a partnership with esports technology company ggCircuit.

The two companies will work to create a new venture called the Scholastic Esports Innovation Center which will be a part of Ghost Gaming’s headquarters. The centre will be used to research and develop technology focused on scholastic esports.

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The partnership is a unique one in the world of esports, considering that it is both technology-focused and oriented towards scholastic esports. The new centre will be a part of Ghost Gaming’s base of operations in Atlanta, Georgia.

The North American organisation was notably acquired by a group of Atlanta-based investors in 2020, led by Andrew Steinberg, Founder and Managing Partner at Phoenix Capital Ventures, and Todd Harris, co-founder of Hi-Rez Studios and CEO of Skillshot Media.

According to ggCircuit and Ghost Gaming, the new R&D centre will “serve as a hub for competitive gaming communities” and gather together “brightest minds from all stakeholders” to create software and hardware solutions that will then be used by students and staff of educational institutions.

Todd Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Skillshot Media and Ghost Gaming, commented: “Our selection of ggCircuit as our partner is rooted in their unrivaled excellence in the field. However, what truly sets them apart are their shared values and vision for scholastic esports and professional development.

“Together, we’re dedicated to harnessing the remarkable opportunity presented by competitive gaming to empower the next generation,”

GgCircuit is a subsidiary of esports and betting company Esports Entertainment Group. The company is mainly known for creating one-stop solutions for esports venues, including software for venue management and operations, support, and other services needed by clients.

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