eGame Studio launches new esports coaching application Game Lens

30 October 2023


Game Lens esports coaching tool
Image credit: eGame Studio

US-based live streaming and esports software company eGame Studio has expanded into the esports coaching development sector by launching Game Lens.

Game Lens is a browser-based esports coaching tool that aims to improve how coaches train and oversee their players. 

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Some of the tool’s main features include a multiview feed that allows coaches to view every player’s gameplay, real-time audio communication capabilities with teams and the option for coaches to hone in on a specific player’s feed. 

According to a release, the launch of Game Lens aims to identify challenges that coaches are faced with when it comes to effectively training and overseeing players. The company in particular highlighted school districts that operate esports divisions which may not have the budget to execute on-site esports programmes. As a result, Game Lens helps players be coached from remote locations.

The development of esports coaching has become a more prominent topic over the years, with new technologies and companies being created to help bolster this area. This includes the development of esports coaching certification initiatives as well as the utilisation of technology like AI.

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Speaking on the tool’s launch, Michael Lunt, Founder and CEO of eGame Studio, stated: “Game Lens has been designed with a singular vision: to empower esports coaches to achieve more with less. 

“We are pioneering a shift in the industry, ensuring that every esports team has access to well-respected coaching talent regardless of their location. This is just the start for Game Lens, and we eagerly anticipate its transformative impact on esports coaching.”

Founded in 2022, eGame Studio is a US-based company that creates a range of software intending to enhance a user’s experience. Alongside Game Lens the company has developed a software product that focuses on live streaming, esports and scholastic esports. 

eGame Studio noted that Game Lens was shaped by utilising insights and feedback from the esports community to help understand the needs of coaches and teams.

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