Omnic Data study shows how AI esports coaching platform impacts performance

21 February 2023


Omnic Data Fortnite
Image credit: Omnic Data

Omnic Data, the creator of AI esports coaching platform Omnic Forge, has released a study highlighting how its technology can help improve performance in Fortnite.

Using a sample of 214 Fortnite players over a three-month period, Omnic Data claims that Forge has helped reduce damage taken in the game by 32% on average, as well as improved players’ in-game healing efficiency by 104%. 

Omnic Forge utilises gameplay videos by players to analyse performance. The web-based product allows gamers to upload a video to receive customised coaching recommendations as well as performance analytics. 

The company detailed to Esports Insider that data is tracked and monitored by computer vision and machine learning techniques that analyse videos of esports gameplay. This data is processed using proprietary algorithms to provide the coaching advice. 

Omnic Data’s Fortnite study also showed that increased usage of Forge led to more improvements. The top 10% of users saw healing efficiency increase by 176% and damage taken decrease by 73%. 

“Every game, players are blasted with thousands of tiny points of feedback, too much for a human to track,” commented Chuck Goldman, Co-founder of Omnic Data. “Our platform helps boil down all the information players are receiving in the game, and present it clearly, so players can easily identify their weaknesses and strengths, and can focus on areas that need improvement.”

Whilst this study details Omnic’s performance in Fortnite, the company also has partnerships with Overwatch League franchise San Francisco Shock and VALORANT player Andrew ‘Gucc107’ Gutnichenko. Currently, Omnic Forge is compatible with VALORANT and Fortnite.

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The use of AI within the esports ecosystem has been a notable topic in recent years, with artificial intelligence looking to be utilised to bolster gameplay performance and even event broadcasts.

Shaun Meredith, Co-founder and CEO at Omnic Data, spoke to Esports Insider about the use of AI in esports coaching: “Omnic’s Forge AI has become a game-changer in esports coaching and training, providing players with 24/7 personalised feedback and insights to improve their gameplay.

“With the Omnic Forge, there is deep analysis of in-game performance, identifying areas where they need improvement, and the Forge provides targeted recommendations to help them get better. Since it is AI-based, it only gets better the larger the community that uses it.

“This personalised approach helps players develop their skills faster and more efficiently, giving them a competitive edge in the rapidly-evolving world of esports. The Forge AI can also analyse data from thousands of games and players to provide insights that would be impossible for a human coach to do on their own.”

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