MPL Indonesia breaks 100m hours watched for Season 12

16 October 2023


MPL Indonesia Season 12
Image credit: MPL Indonesia, via X (@mplidofficial)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) regional esports league MPL Indonesia Season 12 has peaked at 2.1m viewers, surpassing last season’s viewership figures.

With over 114m hours watched, MPL Indonesia Season 12 now holds the record for this metric across all seasons of the league. This is the first time a Mobile Legends regional league has culminated over 100m hours watched.

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Season 11 of the MLBB Indonesian League saw 1.89m peak viewers, according to data from Esports Charts. However, MPL Indonesia Season 12 cannot compete with the league’s highest peak viewership, which was 2.85m during Season 9.

Similarly to MPL Indonesia Season 11, the 12th iteration falls below peak viewership of seasons eight, nine and 10. Still, Season 12 performed strong in terms of total watch hours, thanks to its high air time (224 hours) and average viewer count of 511,000. In comparison, Season 11 recorded an air time of 205 hours.

Indonesian esports organisation ONIC Esports earned its fifth MPL Indonesia title in the final against Geek Fam ID, having dominated the league for three consecutive seasons. The team also won a lion’s share of the $337,000 (~£277,000) total prize pool.

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Interestingly, the Grand Final was not the most popular match of the season. The league reached its peak viewership in a series between EVOS Legends and Rex Regum Qeon (RRQ) during week two of the regular season. Similarly, RRQ attracted the most viewers out of all the participating teams, with nearly 41m hours watched.

Although the team did not qualify for Playoffs, RRQ competed in each of the top five matches by peak viewership. In comparison, winner ONIC Esports was the third-most watched organisation, garnering a total of 29m hours watched.

MPL Indonesia Season 12 featured many sponsors from its previous iteration, including SecretLab, Samsung, TikTok, Cinépolis, and Indomaret. Like MPL Philippines, the Indonesian MLBB league is franchised and currently hosts nine teams.

Both ONIC Esports and Geek Fam ID have qualified for the M5 World Championship starting in November this year.

The final international tournament of the MLBB competitive calendar will be held in two locations – Kuala Lumpur (WildCard Stage) and the Philippines (Main Stage). In October, MLBB publisher MOONTON announced that this year’s World Championship will feature a team from China for the first time.

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