Team Secret partners with blockchain company Xai Foundation

24 October 2023


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Image credit: Team Secret / Xai Foundation

Multinational esports organisation Team Secret has announced a partnership with blockchain company Xai Foundation.

According to a release, the esports brand will join Xai’s Data Availability Committee (DAC) and help support the governance of the Xai ecosystem. Team Secret will also promote games on the Xai ecosystem and support its growth.

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The Xai Foundation is behind the Xai blockchain, a platform built on Ethereum that focuses on the creation of games on the platform. Xai Foundation also works on bringing more developers to the platform and helping spread the word about Xai through partnerships.

This is the first time Xai has partnered with an esports brand, but not the first Web3-focused venture for Team Secret, a brand that already operates its Play-to-earn platform called the Secret Gemini Guild.

Team Spirit will join Offchain Labs, Ex Populus, and the Xai Foundation on the Xai DAC, helping govern the entire Xai ecosystem. This is an interesting move not seen very often, as esports brands usually partner to promote blockchain projects by showcasing the companies on jerseys or by creating fan activation platforms.

According to the Xai Foundation, Team Secret will “participate in the governance of the Xai ecosystem and take a pivotal role in evaluating and promoting high-quality games within the Xai ecosystem.”

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The esports brand will be focused on games that have esports potential, as well as AAA traditional games. This all means that Team Secret representatives will be the main factor in deciding the best new projects on Xai.

John Yao, CEO of Team Secret, commented on the partnership: “Team Secret is thrilled to collaborate with the Xai Foundation in advancing the world of decentralized gaming. We recognise the immense potential of the Xai ecosystem and are excited to contribute our expertise to identify and promote games that align with our commitment to excellence and esports prowess.”

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