SUNY Esports extends partnership with LeagueSpot

16 November 2023


LeagueSpot / SUNY Esports
Image credit: LeagueSpot / SUNY Esports

The State University of New York (SUNY) has renewed its partnership with esports and gaming technology company LeagueSpot.

The new partnership will aim to further improve SUNY Esports‘ capabilities whilst also focusing on inclusion and diversity in the institution’s esports division.

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The State University of New York is a system of public colleges in the United States state of New York. It includes 64 institutions and more than 360,000 students. Its esports division organises tournaments in various games and serves more than 2,000 esports players. It is one of the largest collegiate esports leagues in the United States.

LeagueSpot will continue providing its esports platform and services to SUNY Esports in the future, and the two parties have committed to supporting and fostering a safe and inclusive esports environment that is open for all students of SUNY.

LeagueSpot noted in the release that SUNY Esports enrollment has increased 400% in the last four school years. With an ever-growing number of students interested in gaming and esports, the partnership with LeagueSpot helps function the tournaments, matchmaking, and other esports operations at SUNY.

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Charles Murray, President of SUNY Esports, commented: “As a former SUNY student, Esports was easily the most exciting aspect of the college experience. LeagueSpot allows students from anywhere the ultimate opportunity to connect, communicate, and compete. Working with LeagueSpot and being given that privilege to give back to the community I once competed in, fills me with pride, honor, and excitement of what’s to come next.”

LeagueSpot has recently renewed a similar partnership with Epic Charter Schools, another school system in the United States. The two parties also noted that enrollment in esports-focused activities has increased substantially since the institution partnered with LeagueSpot.

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