Endpoint to look for outside investors to bolster operations

01 December 2023


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UK-based esports organisation Endpoint has opened its doors to outside investment to help grow its operations. 

Announced on social media by Co-owner Peter Thompson and CEO Adam Jessop, the duo stated that this is the first time the organisation — which they claim is profitable — is seeking outside funding. 

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According to the video, the investment aims to help grow and sustain all areas of Endpoint’s business. This includes its esports division, grassroots tournament operations, media and bootcamp rental service and a yet-to-be-unveiled in-house Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product in development.

Founded in 2016, Endpoint is perhaps most known for its endeavours in Rocket League, Counter-Strike and Quake. The organisation has become a staple of the UK Counter-strike scene in recent years, meanwhile, its Rocket League and Quake rosters regularly compete in their respective title’s top-tier leagues.

Alongside its esports rosters, the organisation has a growing portfolio of content creators. 

Jessop stated in the video: “There are three key areas that we know that we need to invest in. So one of them is key staff. We want to bring in expertise in certain areas that we’re maybe a little bit lacking in at the moment. 

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“We’re building that development project that Pete mentioned, and we want to take that to market early New Year; and also influencers in a sustainable way.”

Thompson also claimed that for the last four years Endpoint has been profitable, with the esports organisation’s profits reinvested back into the company to help growth. 

On the commercial front, Endpoint currently has a range of partners within its portfolio. The biggest of which is its title partnership with UK electronics retailer CeX. Some of the organisation’s other sponsors include noblechairs, Overclockers UK, ENDX and Socios. 

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