Endpoint launches esports bootcamp service

Image of Endpoint bootcamp with a number of gaming PCs and peripherals on desks
Image credit: Endpoint

UK-based esports organisation Endpoint has announced the launch of a B2B bootcamp service called Pracrooms.gg.

The service aims to provide teams with the facilities to practice and tools to analyse performance. According to a release, Pracrooms.gg currently has three locations available in the UK: Watford (North London), Farringdon (Central London) and Sheffield, with the latter situated at Endpoint’s HQ.

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Each facility is equipped with high-end gaming PCs provided by online retailer and Endpoint partner Overclockers UK.

Alongside space for teams to practice, Pracrooms.gg facilities will also contain an on-site media studio for staff and tournament organisers to create content and work.

Bootcamp facilities in esports are often used by organisations for their teams to develop skills and cohesion in order to perform at the highest level. In May 2023, Team Liquid opened an esports facility in Brazil, enabling its rosters to participate in in-person practice sessions.

In April 2023, Endpoint announced Overclockers UK and gaming furniture manufacturer noblechairs would equip its Sheffield headquarters and bootcamp with peripherals and PCs. The venue officially opened its doors in May.

Founded in 2016, Endpoint is one of the largest esports organisations in the UK. The organisation currently fields rosters in Counter-Strike, Rocket League and Quake.

With the country continuing to host some of the biggest esports events, Endpoint creating a bootcamp service is a smart move. In recent years, the UK has hosted a number of high-profile events ranging from League of Legends’ Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) to the Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS).

The move also sees Endpoint diversify its revenue opportunities outside of competitive success. This diversification trend has seen organisations such as Misfits lean into the creator economy, which included the development of a fund last year.

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