NODWIN Gaming invests €8m into Freaks 4U Gaming

31 January 2024


Image credit: NODWIN Gaming / Freaks 4U Gaming

Indian esports company NODWIN Gaming has made a substantial investment into German esports production company Freaks 4U Gaming.

A total of €8m (~£6.85m) will be invested into Freaks 4U, making NODWIN a large (13.51%) shareholder of the company. There is also an option to acquire majority control in the future.

Freaks 4U Gaming is a prominent German esports production company and agency, with offices in Europe, Asia and North America. The company is known for its partnerships with the likes of DreamHack and Riot Games. Moreover, it has an agency and consulting arm that helps brands work with esports stakeholders.

However, last year Freaks 4U Gaming underwent a series of layoffs and lost the licence for the NLC, the Northern League of Legends Championship.

NODWIN is an Indian esports company known for its investments and work on tournaments and esports and gaming events in the region. The company partnered with BLAST in late 2023 and received a $28m (⁓£22.5m) investment earlier in the same year.

The new investment into Freaks 4U will give NODWIN access to Freaks 4U’s network in developed markets such as Europe and North America, while Freaks 4U will get access to NODWIN’s infrastructure across the emerging markets NODWIN is present in.

The two companies noted that NODWIN has the option to acquire majority control of Freaks 4U in the future, potentially paving the way for a future merger or acquisition.

Akshat Rathee, co-founder of NODWIN Gaming, commented on the deal: “Our collaborative journey with Freaks is growing stronger, especially in the realms of PC and mobile gaming.

“We hold continuous admiration for the team at Freaks as we jointly explore new avenues for cooperation. This financial contribution is a testament to our unwavering commitment to advancing together on this shared venture.”

Ivan Šimić
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