Guild Esports, Team Heretics and Fnatic among 17 teams available in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

16 February 2024


Guild Esports x EX FC24
Image credit: Guild Esports

Game developer EA SPORTS has introduced a wide array of esports jerseys into EA SPORTS FC 24 (EA FC 24) in recent weeks, including the likes of UK organisations Guild Esports, Fnatic and Man City Esports.

Fans can play with the jerseys of 17 esports organisations in-game through EA FC’s Ultimate Team mode by completing a series of challenges that relate to the teams. For example, to acquire Team Heretics’ jersey fans need to score two goals with a player from Spain.

ESI London 2024

The activation is part of EAFC’s FC Pro Team update in February and continues an ongoing tradition from the game franchise to include some of its esports teams’ jerseys. Along with the teams’ jerseys being included in the Ultimate Team game mode, players can also acquire the organisation’s badges.

The full list of esports organisations that have been selected for the activation include: Fnatic, Team Gullit, DUX, FOKUS, FUTWIZ, SPQR, Guild Esports, Mkers, EXCEL Esports (which recently rebranded to GIANTX), TG.NIP, Man City Esports, Team Heretics, Atlético de Madrid x Movistar Riders, Blue United, MGCF eSports, Team Falcons and RBLZ Gaming.

The selected team’s sponsors have also been included in the esports jerseys with the likes of Sky (Guild Esports), boohooMAN (FUTWIZ) and Phillips OneBlade (TP.NIP and Team Gullit) all prominently seen at the front of the shirts. To promote the release of the FC Pro in-game jersey Guild Esports launched a video featuring David Beckham, the organisation’s co-owner, wearing the jersey. 

EA FC recently concluded the first major leg of its esports ecosystem, the FC Pro Open, earlier this month and became the franchise’s most popular esports event ever. FC Pro’s competitive season for 2024 has undergone a major revamp following EA FC’s split from football governing body FIFA. The ecosystem’s FC Pro League is now starting to get underway. 

The best FC Pro League competitors will qualify for May’s eChampions League and ultimately 32 players (including the top four FC Pro Open competitors) will compete in the FC Pro World Championship.

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